In addition to Overdraft Protection Account Transfer and Overdraft Protection Loan Advance, RiverFall offers an additional overdraft payment program called Overdraft Privilege.

For eligible accountholders who have Overdraft Privilege, we will pay overdraft items up to a limit of $500.  Instead of having the item returned (resulting in additional fees and returned item charges from merchants) or simply declined at the point of sale, RCU will honor those items up to $500.  Overdraft Privilege may eliminate the embarrassment that accompanies having your items returned or declined in the event of an error or a temporary shortfall.  And, if you don't use Overdraft Privilege, it won't cost you anything - there is no fee for enrollment in this added layer of protection.  When an item is honored with Overdraft Privilege, the fee is $30.

Unless otherwise designated by the accountholder, Overdraft Privilege will be used to cover your overdrafts after other Overdraft Protection options have been exhausted.  In other words, Overdraft Protection Account Transfers which have been authorized and Overdraft Protection Loan Advances up to the approved limit will be applied first before any item is honored with Overdraft Privilege.  

Overdraft Privilege does not extend automatically to all types of transactions.  Contact Member Service at 205.759.1505 to make sure your are fully protected with Overdraft Privilege.

Whether overdrafts will be paid with Overdraft Privilege is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay.  For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if an account is not in good standing, if the member is not making deposits, or if they have too many overdrafts. 

Each item presented will be assessed our $30 overdraft fee, whether it is paid or returned.  You must bring your account back to a positive balance within 30 days.  Overdraft Privilege is available for all checks written, in-person withdrawals, ACH preauthorized transactions, and other electronic transactions including ATM and debit card/POS. 

Fee Schedule