RiverFall offers two Overdraft Protection options which may help you avoid returned checks and additional fees:

  • Overdraft Protection Account Transfer
  • Overdraft Protection Loan Advance

By completing an Overdraft Protection request, you can identify other accounts accounts and/or loans as sources of payment for overdrafts.  In other words, you can authorize RCU to treat any check(s) or other debit(s) that exceed your account's available balance as (1) a request for Overdraft Protection transfer and/or (2) a request for an Overdraft Protection loan advance (loan application and approval required) from the accounts you list and in the priority order you choose. 

Overdraft Protection Account Transfers are limited.  Remember, Federal Reserve Regulation D states that no more than six (6) automatic or preauthorized transfers are allowed from savings accounts per calendar month.  

Overdraft protection accounts of another member must be authorized by that member via a Cross-Account Access Authorization form.  Without the completed request and/or authorization, items that overdraw your account will continue to be returned or honored (if eligible for Overdraft Privilege) for a fee of $30/item.

For Overdraft Protection Account Transfer, complete the following form(s) and fax to 205.758.3696, Attention: Member Service. 

Overdraft Protection Request

Cross Account Access Authorization

For Overdraft Protection Loan Advanceclick here for more information. 

Certain limitations and restrictions apply.  There is no NSF fee for items honored from an Overdraft Protection Account Transfer or Overdraft Protection Loan Advance.  Interest chages on overdraft protection loans do apply.