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What do you think of when you think of your financial institution? For many, it’s a place to keep hard-earned dollars safe. A loan provider. A mortgage lender.

But epicenter for community? A place where you’re getting financial advice from friends? In addition to serving as a quality financial institution in Tuscaloosa, RiverFall Credit Union is dedicated to improving the financial lives of those in the community and making a positive impact on the folks living and working in Tuscaloosa.

RiverFall Credit union lives and breathes the concern for community. Take, for instance, their participation in the Tuscaloosa County Relay for Life, an annual team event that raises funds to fight cancer. The event was held on April 20th, 2018, and RiverFall was able to raise a staggering $6,574—all simply through fun fundraising tactics like selling World’s Finest Chocolate candy bars and holding a prize drawing. In addition to member donations, the RiverFall staff made donations in exchange for more causal dress on Fridays throughout the weeks leading up to Relay For Life.

“While being able to ‘dress down’ to our jeans was no doubt a perk, it was watching the funds grow and knowing that we were going to be able to donate such a significant amount of money to such a great charity that was the real reward through the whole campaign,” said Diane Hester, President of RiverFall Credit Union.

For this year’s Relay for Life, RiverFall was even able to inspire Maxwell Elementary School children to join in on fundraising efforts. For the last four years, RiverFall has been involved in the Adopt-A-School Program, a grassroots partnership that allows Tuscaloosa County businesses to strengthen, enhance, and enrich the quality of education among 57 public schools in Tuscaloosa County and Tuscaloosa County School systems. RiverFall holds the distinction of VIP (Very Involved Partnership) status for their support efforts of Maxwell Elementary. True to their devotion for connecting the community, the credit union provided balloons and helium to Maxwell Elementary for a special Relay For Life Balloon Release. Throughout March, Maxwell students purchased balloons to release on the PE field as a homage to those individuals in their lives who battled cancer. RiverFall staff even showed up on site to blow up the balloons and assist with the festivities. The Balloon Release resulted in an additional $364 contribution toward the fight against cancer and created an increased cancer awareness for area youth.

Overall, RiverFall finished 2nd in the business category for most funds raised, won 2nd place for business t-shirt design, and received 1st place for business campsite decorations thanks to a fun Flintstones theme complete with a replica of the Fred’s iconic footmobile!

“The outpouring of support we received this year among our members, local business partners, and our Maxwell Elementary family blew us away. We have a unique opportunity to engage with the community when we participate in Relay For Life each year, and we’re sincerely grateful to the incredible folks in Tuscaloosa who dedicate their time and talents,” says Hester. “As a business, we know we can’t do it without our people, and we’re so fortunate to have such generous, caring members and community partners. We did it bigger and better with the 2018 Relay For Life than we have been able to in quite a while, and that’s all because of their support.”

While Relay For Life is RiverFall’s biggest philanthropic endeavor, it is certainly not the only contribution this credit union makes to the community. Besides being a one-stop shop for financial guidance and assistance, RiverFall participates in multiple community initiatives each year. From donations and fundraising for the West Alabama Food Bank, Santa’s Elves, and Arts ‘N Autism to providing financial education for local students through programs like Junior Achievement and Reality Check, the RiverFall team seeks to benefit and bolster the T-Town community.

“Supporting our town means doing more than just providing great APR. We live and work with so many incredible lives here that we can’t help but want to get out there and get involved. When the people of Tuscaloosa feel supported, they thrive, which means our community—our hometown—thrives, and we’re grateful to play a part in that,” says Hester.

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Courtesy of, published June 2018