VISA gift cards are available at all RiverFall locations.  These convenient, prepaid cards can be valued from $10 to $750 and can be used anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted.  The cost is $2 per card.  Ideal for gift giving, these cards are not reloadable.  A monthly fee of $4.95 will assess after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.

To use a VISA gift card online, the card must be registered with the recipient's personal information at This will enable the ability for a merchant to accept it for online purchases.  Please note, however, online acceptance may vary by merchant. Additional services at the My Account website include the ability to track purchases and check balances online.

Other reminders to consider when using these prepaid cards:

  • You may use your VISA gift card at any gas station that accepts VISA debit cards, but to avoid the possibility of being declined, you should pay the attendant inside prior to pumping.
  • For security reasons, the number and amount of transactions you can make may be limited.
  • If you wish to use your card for a purchase that is greater than the balance of the funds available on your card, you must tell the merchant to charge only the exact amount of funds available on the card to the card and then you can pay the difference using another payment method.
  • Once a merchant has obtained an "authorization" for a transaction, the authorization may result in a temporary hold for that amount for up to 10 days - even if you do not complete the purchase.
  • If a gift card needs to be replaced, Customer Service will close the card account and promptly issue a new gift card with the remaining balance of the lost card.  There is an $8 fee for this service. (Important: Your card must be registered in order to receive a replacement.)
  • These cards are not valid for foreign transactions.

Visit for FAQs and complete Terms and Conditions for your VISA Gift Card.